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Are you ready to confront the terrifying truth that lies beneath your own skin?

In Rob Ulitski’s debut short story collection ‘Fleshed Out’, get ready to embrace the twisted beauty of body horror and witness the horrifying potential of flesh, blood and bone.

You’ll find hair-ingesting serial killers, visceral motorway pileups, a nauseating metaverse and sentient skin transplants - and that’s only just scratching the surface.

Abandon all assumptions and embark on a relentless rollercoaster of death, disease, and destruction, and dive into a world where the only rule is that there are no rules.



A serial killer with an unusual appetite goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants.


Sparks fly in this high-octane tale of betrayal, lust and anger, backdropped by a squishy motorway pileup.


Struggling to care for her disabled brother, a young woman has her dream answered in a twisted, unexpected way - but as the clock runs down, will she be able to survive?


Some people say nature has the cure to all ailments. One character with an incurable disease hunts down a special plant in an abandoned hospital, but soon learns that even miracles have consequences.


Struggling with both his marriage and his identity, a man seeks solace in the local woods. When he sees a hand breaking up through the soil, he goes to extreme lengths to protect what matters to him most.


A mix of Groundhog Day and the Buddhist Hell Realm - two characters experience life and death on repeat, until they gain the courage to escape, and end things once and for all... but will they succeed?


A terminally ill man finds an enigmatic vending machine, and becomes addicted to the product it churns out. But when it stops accepting cash, he has to get creative to keep getting the hit he so desperately needs.


A man survives an extreme drop from an aircraft, but his body doesn't hold up nearly as well. Who (or what) is he escaping from, and why is he still alive?


After a tragic accident, a teenager finds himself plagued by grotesque visions, but the real truth is far worse than he could have ever expected.


 Hoping to build the next generation of lifelike virtual reality, a man is unexpectedly locked inside the game, with repercussions that extend far beyond his online avatar...


A woman is haunted by a high-pitched, cartoonish shriek wherever she goes, and she has to hunt down the culprit to put it out of its misery once and for all.


Family relationships are tested in this grotesque tale of a man and his mother, who is suffering from a horrific, slithering deformation.


A woman who depends on organic skin transplants has to face her biggest fears when one of the transplants gains sentience. She goes back to the factory where her whole journey began, and is horrified by the new reality ahead of her.



"Rob Ulitski’s stories slap you in the face and punch you in the gut.

If you like your fiction with an edge to it, this is definitely the author for you.

Body Horror has a new champion!"

Paul Kane, award-winning and bestselling author of Before, Traumas and Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell.



From short story 'Carnage' 

An image from inside Fleshed Out book

Morgan’s clothes had all but melted away. His skin was absolutely mutilated, lumpy like porridge, and various bones had started to puncture through his flesh.


But nothing hurt... There was no real pain, on an individual level. It was dulled by the absolute cacophony of emotions that radiated in this mess.

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