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Fleshed Out full cover wrap image


A hair-obsessed serial killer...
A flesh-eating motorway pileup...
A grotesque holiday illness...

Forget what you think you know about the human body. In Rob Ulitski’s debut short story collection, get ready for a thrilling, gut-churning ride through death, disease and destruction.

Boasting thirteen unique stories and a whole host of brutal bodily afflictions, “Fleshed Out” explores the fragility of flesh and blood, and the gruesome ways our bodies can twist, contort and transform into our worst nightmares.



"Rob Ulitski’s stories slap you in the face and punch you in the gut.

If you like your fiction with an edge to it, this is definitely the author for you.

Body Horror has a new champion!"

Paul Kane, award-winning and bestselling author of Before, Traumas and Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell.



From short story 'Carnage' 

An image from inside Fleshed Out book

Morgan’s clothes had all but melted away. His skin was absolutely mutilated, lumpy like porridge, and various bones had started to puncture through his flesh.


But nothing hurt... There was no real pain, on an individual level. It was dulled by the absolute cacophony of emotions that radiated in this mess.

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