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'We Met In The Forums' Signed Premium Paperback with exclusive double-sided bookmark. 





In the darkest corners of an anonymous internet forum, Josh and Leo share a morbid fascination for all things grotesque and macabre. When they move into an apartment on the coast together, bringing their online relationship into the real world, they find themselves entangled in a mysterious epidemic.


Forced into a fight for survival, the pair investigate first-hand accounts of a deadly disease spreading at the beach, using the forums to uncover the truth whilst the population is divided by sinister conspiracies. As blood is spilled and flesh is severed, one question remains - what would you do to protect the ones you love?

Combining internet mystery with body horror, 'We Met In The Forums' is a chilling exploration of the depths we’d go to find the truth, and how the incomprehensible can test even the strongest of bonds.




BOOK: Premium Ultra Glossy cover with 80gsm cream pages

BOOKMARK: Double-sided, 300 dpi bookmark. One side glossy, one side matt




FREE PICKUP / DELIVERY IN PORTSMOUTH - make sure to select option at checkout

Rest of UK:  £3.99

Europe: £9.99 

US: £19.99 (until we eventually have a trade deal! Sorry) 


We Met In The Forums - Signed Paperback + Exclusive Bookmark

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