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There's trouble brewing at Willington Farm... 

Get this exclusive special edition of 'High Steaks', which includes: 


1x  Signed 'High Steaks' Book with exclusive nostalgia cover




There’s a situation at Willington Farm.


When one of their prized dairy cows turns up diseased and homicidal, ageing farmers Linda and Wilf don’t have to look far to place the blame. Sinister research facility Genetix occupies the opposite plot of land, under the watchful eye of notorious scientist Declan Perkins.


But with secrets of their own and a ticking clock - not to mention a rapidly increasing body count - the two senior citizens must hatch a plan to take down the lab and put a stop to Declan’s experimentation… and avoid getting mauled by the mutant animal stalking the halls of the clandestine facility.


An action-packed horror novel with plenty of thrilling set pieces, High Steaks is a perfect read for fans of creature features and 80’s pulp horror.



'High Steaks' Signed Book

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